The solution was always the people

The Solution was always the people.

Von Παναγιώτης Τριανταφυλλίδης

When there is medication shortage at the hospital, somebody has to find and restock the medication. When quite a few of our fellow citizens do not have access to doctors and medication, somebody has to provide them with doctors and medication. When the middlemen speculate, somebody has to try and give the opportunity to the local people to buy the basic products in affortable prices. When the government by itself is not able to protect adequately Mount Olympus from fires, we the citizens have the responsibility to assist. When the local citizens have the need for Christmas atmosphere, somebody has to go the extra mile. That’s why and because every problem has some solution let’s all go the extra mile. No socialism and no neoliberalism are going to protect your forest. You are going to protect your forest. You are going to clean your pavement. Society does not change from top down. The country will change from my house. The solution to our problem was never the elections. The solution was always the people. 

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